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A bit more about me...

I am a Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach and I use the unique methods that I have developed to help people let go of issues that are holding them back in their work, career, business or in life in general. This can generally be done in four sessions or less and my clients really appreciate getting such fast and effective results.

Looking for new challenges and a new career having had a life-time interest in personal development, I transitioned to becoming an executive coach in 2005 after a rewarding and successful career as a structural engineer, business owner, university lecturer, manager and CEO.

Having graduated with honours in civil engineering from the University of Melbourne, I established and ran several successful consulting practices and a small building company.

I played a major role in the design of award-winning bridges and other structures, worked in senior positions for other major consultancies, and lectured at several Australian universities.

Later in my career, prior to being appointed CEO of a SME responsible for major landmark buildings and other structures, I held senior market development positions in construction industry associations, as well as within the profession of engineering itself.

Until quite recently, I held honorary positions at two Australian universities and provided occasional expert witness advice as a consulting forensic structural engineer.

At one stage, I also briefly held the position of Country Director in Kabul, managing the in-country operations of a company carrying out medical evacuations of sick and injured civilians in Afghanistan. Because of the dangerous nature of this assignment, I was forced to draw on many of the personal development skills that I have learnt over the years and which I am able to pass onto my clients who might be dealing with challenging situations of their own.

I find that my extensive background in the engineering profession helps me to relate well to other engineers, which is partly why many of my clients are engineers. It is for this reason that I have created this site dedicated to my work in this profession.

I also have a more general site at

where you will learn more about me and my practice.

Leigh D Wilson

BE (Hons.) FIEAust, CPEng APEC Engineer IntPE(Aust)

Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach, Performance Consultant & Author