Coaching for Engineers

Leigh D Wilson 

BE (Hons.) FIEAust, CPEng APEC Engineer IntPE(Aust)

Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach & Mentor, Performance Consultant & Author

Why is this site for engineers?

A career in engineering can be extremely rewarding, especially offering the opportunity to design, create, devise and build things that are of great benefit to many and to society as a whole.

Many of the things designed and built by engineers continue to do so for many years, sometimes for many generations.

But, along with the great satisfaction that can bring, it can also present its own challenges for practitioners.

Engineers often have to carry heavy responsibilities.

The consequences of failure on many engineering projects can be extremely high, especially when dealing with complex or high-stakes and/or demanding projects and clients.

Coupled with tight deadlines and frequent long working hours, along with the challenge of juggling multiple projects at a time can make the work extremely stressful at times, drawing on their inner resources.

And, engineers are certainly NOT immune to normal worries and concerns that most people experience with respect to their health, wealth and relationships.

How do I help you?

That is where I can make a big difference, helping you overcome these barriers and work through those issues so that you can function at a higher level and enjoy greater success.

Many of us have barriers, both conscious and unconscious, holding us back in some way. In many cases, we might understand what is stopping us and preventing us from moving forward and can work to overcome them.

But at other times, the underlying cause of our problems can be like a deep mystery to us, evading our every effort to overcome them.

This can be because they are the result of unconscious limiting beliefs, decisions and emotions that we've taken on at a very young age.

Because they can be unconscious, we might not be fully aware of them, instead experiencing a niggling feeling that things simply aren't going as well as they should be.

Or maybe it's that little voice in the back of our head casting doubt on or second-guessing many of the things that we do.

The issues can be in the form of feeling stuck, self-doubt, feeling like an imposter, stress, anxiety, procrastination, overwhelm, work/life balance issues, work-place challenges, and many more.

They can make things difficult for us, preventing us from asking for a pay rise, stopping us going for that new job, starting our own business, changing careers or directions in our career and so on.

If any of that sounds familiar to you, you might have already tried to sort things out only to discover that it can be really difficult working through these issues on your own, as there are often unconscious elements at play.

And, even if that is not the case and you feel that you’d simply benefit from talking through your issues, it can be hard to find someone independent of your workplace but with knowledge of your profession, to help you work through them.

So, who am I?

Is something holding you back in your career?

The answer might surprise you!

This change can really boost your overall quality of life – how you feel, your financial situation, and your relationships, not to mention improving your work and overall career.

My coaching sessions are specifically tailored for each client and comprise some or all of the following three types of coaching: Therapeutic Breakthrough sessions, Breakthrough Coaching, and Breakthrough Mentoring.

1. Therapeutic Breakthroughs: These sessions dive into healing emotional or psychological baggage like those limiting beliefs or tough emotions from your past. The aim is to help you let these unwanted and unnecessary limitations go, changing how you respond to life.

2. Breakthrough Coaching: This is all about getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. It's future-looking and action-based. Imagine a coach helping you train for a big race, focusing on bettering your performance.

3. Breakthrough Mentoring: Here, I'll share guidance and advice from my own extensive experience to help you navigate your career.

In short, whether it's about healing old wounds, boosting your future performance, or getting some wise words on your journey, each part of my coaching is customized to fit exactly what you need!

And remember, anyone who is serious about their sport will work with a coach to lift their game: it the same for people who are serious about achieving greater success in their career, work or business.

So, what do others have to say about my coaching?

Here are just a few of the testimonials that I have received

The very simple next step is to book a FREE confidential  45-minute, no-obligation Zoom Strategy Call with me to discuss your issues and the best next steps that you can take to resolve them, once-and-for-all.

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With my specialised approach, I usually help people quickly shake off these inner struggles or other barriers to greater success, often in just a few Zoom sessions, from the comfort of home.

In fact, many clients have been able to overcome issues that have held them for many years in only ONE session!

This opportunity is special ...

... because of the unique combination of skills, expertise and experience I am able to call on to specifically help professional engineers overcome issues like these.

The testimonials on this website are from real and satisfied clients.

However their results may not be your results. Specific results can not be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person

Why it can be so hard to solve your unconscious mind problem

You’ve possibly struggled with these issues for weeks, months or maybe YEARS! If that is the case, you have probably done everything that you can think of to let them go with only limited success.

And you might have concluded that it is simply something that you just have to live with.

If this is the case for you, you could be comforted to know that it is not your fault that part of you a seems to be making life harder for you than necessary and that it’s NOT a matter of lacking the willpower to overcome it.

That is because the underlying cause of these issues could well lie in your unconscious or deeper mind. And this is out of reach of your conscious mind because, well, it is unconscious.

These sorts of intractable problems can best be dealt with by working with an experienced mindset coach, because, to paraphrase Albert EinsteinIt takes a different level of thinking to solve a problem than that which created or perceived it in the first place.”

Trying to reach your unconscious mind is like trying to see the back of your head – you need a mirror to do that, and in the coaching environment, your mindset coach acts as your mirror.

The very simple next step is to book a FREE confidential  45-minute, no-obligation Zoom Strategy Call with me to discuss your issues and the best next steps that you can take to resolve them, once-and-for-all.

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And it's not always just about how hard you can work ...

No doubt your career is really important to you and you feel as if you are doing the best that you can. But maybe you are not quite getting the results that you really hope for.

Do any of these symptoms seem familiar to you?

  • Frustration with slow progress
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Increased procrastination
  • Feeling overwhelmed or burnt out
  • Avoiding new challenges
  • Lack of satisfaction in achievements
  • Feeling isolated or misunderstood
  • Persistent self-doubt
  • Difficulty in articulating thoughts or ideas
  • Impatience with learning new skills
  • Cynicism towards your job or career path
  • Constantly feeling stressed and anxious
  • Family relationships suffering from the demands of your work
  • Relationship issues with colleagues or clients
  • Missed promotions and other opportunities

Addressing these symptoms often requires a deeper exploration of their causes, which is where coaching could play a pivotal role in helping you identify and overcome these unseen barriers to your success.