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Leigh D Wilson 

BE (Hons.) FIEAust, CPEng APEC Engineer IntPE(Aust)

Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach & Mentor, Performance Consultant & Author

Using specialised techniques that I have developed and crafted over years, I have generally been able to help professionals like you quickly let go of their feelings of being stuck in four sessions or less, all from the comfort of your home or office, over Zoom. Sometimes it only takes one session!

And, because I had an extensive and successful career as an engineer and construction industry professional before transitioning to become a Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach some years ago, I will probably have a good understanding of the environment in which you work and the stresses that you face on a daily basis. This will make our conversations even more meaningful and constructive.

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This is where I can make a big difference, helping you overcome these barriers and work through those issues so that you can function at a higher level and enjoy greater success.

In the demanding world of engineering,

is 'feeling stuck' quietly paralyzing you professionally?

As an engineer, you're accustomed to solving complex problems and pushing boundaries. But what happens when the challenge is internal, and you find yourself mired in stagnation? 

This feeling of being stuck is possibly not just a temporary standstill; it could well be a major roadblock affecting your health, wealth, and relationships.

Health: the hidden toll of stagnation

If that is the case, the stress of feeling trapped in your career or some aspect of life is not just a weight on your mind; it could possibly be taking a tangible toll on your health.

Chronic stress from emotional problems such as this can lead to a myriad of health issues – from sleep disturbances and chronic fatigue to more serious conditions like hypertension and heart disease.

And the mental toll could be just as severe, presenting as anxiety, depression, or a persistent sense of unhappiness.

This is because your physical and mental wellbeing are inevitably intertwined with your career satisfaction, and when one suffers, the others follow.

Wealth: the cost of untapped potential

When you're stuck and not moving forward, your career progression stalls. This stagnation can mean missed promotions, overlooked opportunities for salary increases or new even more rewarding work, and result in a potential decrease in job security.

Financially, you could be leaving a significant amount of money on the table, especially over time, funds that could have been instrumental in achieving personal goals like buying a home, saving for retirement, providing even more for your family, or investing in opportunities for personal growth.

The long-term financial impact of staying stuck in your career is not just about immediate earnings; it's about the cumulative effect on your lifetime earning potential.

Relationships: the strain of unfulfilled potential

The repercussions of career and life stagnation extend beyond the individual; they can ripple out into your relationships, both professional and personal.

The frustration and dissatisfaction of being stuck often spills over into interactions with partners, family, and friends, straining these bonds.

It can lead to a sense of disconnection, where you're physically present but mentally and emotionally distant.

On top of that, the lack of fulfillment in your professional life can diminish your sense of self-worth, which can also profoundly affect the quality of your relationships and your ability to connect meaningfully with others.

Is ‘FEELING STUCK’ derailing your career and life satisfaction?"

The very simple next step is to book a FREE and OBLIGATION-FREE confidential 45-minute Strategy Call with me over Zoom to discuss your issues and the best next steps that you can take to resolve them, once-and-for-all.

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With my specialised approach, I usually help people quickly shake off these issues, often in just a few Zoom sessions, from the comfort of their home or office.

In fact, many clients have been able to overcome issues that have held them for many years in only ONE session!

Identifying the Signs: Are You Experiencing Professional Stagnation?

  • Constant fatigue and lack of motivation: You used to wake up eager to tackle the day's challenges, but now, mornings are a struggle. This persistent tiredness isn't just physical; it's a sign that your passion for this particular job, or for engineering and problem-solving is waning, leaving you feeling perpetually drained and disinterested.
  • A ceiling on learning and growth: Remember when learning new skills and conquering challenges was a daily thrill? If it now feels like you're just going through the motions, without any real growth or learning opportunities, you're experiencing a key symptom of professional stagnation.
  • Diminished pride in your work: Engineers take pride in their precision, innovation, and the impact of their work. If you're finding it hard to feel proud of what you do, or if your projects no longer inspire a sense of accomplishment, it's a clear indicator that stagnation has set in.
  • Frustration and cynicism: A little frustration can be a catalyst for growth, but when it becomes constant, it's a problem. If you're feeling increasingly cynical about your job and the industry at large, it's a sign that your current state of stagnation is taking a toll.
  • Feeling trapped by routine: Engineering is all about innovation and problem-solving. If your days have become a predictable sequence of unchallenging tasks, this monotony is a classic symptom of being stuck in a professional rut.
  • Social withdrawal at work: Engineers often thrive on collaboration and brainstorming. If you're increasingly isolating yourself and avoiding interactions with colleagues, it might be because you no longer find your work environment stimulating or rewarding.
  • Dread of workdays and relief at weekends: When Sunday evenings are filled with dread for the upcoming workweek, and Fridays feel like an escape, it's a strong indication that your career is not providing the fulfillment or excitement it once did.
  • Questioning your career choice: It's normal to have occasional doubts, but if you find yourself constantly wondering whether engineering or this particular job is still the right path for you, it's time to address the root causes of this uncertainty.

Looking ahead: the long-term view

Imagine continuing on this path, remaining stuck, for the next five, ten, or even twenty years. 

The cumulative effect on your health over that time could be profound, potentially leading to chronic conditions and a diminished quality of life. Financially, the loss could be significant, impacting not just your current lifestyle but your future security. And personally, the cost to your relationships and overall life satisfaction could be the most heart-breaking of all.

Fortunately, that DOESN’T have to be YOUR story...

Taking the first step towards change

Acknowledging these symptoms is the first step towards breaking free from the cycle of stagnation. It's about recognizing that you deserve a career that challenges, excites, and fulfills you, not one that leaves you feeling stuck. If these signs resonate with you, it might be time to consider what changes you can make to get back on track and rediscover the joy in your engineering career, or if appropriate, move onto something else.

You arrived at this page for a reason: you were aware that you have a problem and are looking for solutions to it. So, don’t put it off any longer, don’t let your self-doubt prevent you from solving this problem – make the most of this wonderful opportunity to let it go, once-and-for-all.

This opportunity is special...

… because of the unique combination of skills, expertise and experience I am able to call on specifically to help professional engineers overcome issues like these.

So, what do others have to say about my coaching?

Here are just a few of the testimonials that I have received

The very simple next step is to book a confidential FREE and OBLIGATION-FREE confidential 45-minute Strategy Call with me over Zoom to discuss your issues and the best next steps that you can take to resolve them, once-and-for-all.

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Why it can be so hard to solve your unconscious mind problem

You’ve possibly struggled with these issues for weeks, months or maybe YEARS! If that is the case, you have probably done everything that you can think of to let them go, with only limited success.

And you might have concluded that it is simply something that you just have to live with.

If this is the case for you, you could be comforted to know that it is not your fault that part of you a seems to be making life harder for you than necessary and that it’s NOT a matter of lacking the willpower to overcome it.

That is because the underlying cause of these issues could well lie in your unconscious or deeper mind. And this is out of reach of your conscious mind because, well..., it is unconscious!

These sorts of intractable problems can best be dealt with by working with an experienced mindset coach, because, to paraphrase Albert Einstein “It takes a different level of thinking to solve a problem than that which created or perceived it in the first place.”

Trying to reach your unconscious mind is like trying to see the back of your head – you need a mirror to do that, and in the coaching environment, your mindset coach acts as your mirror.