Coaching for Engineers

Leigh D Wilson 

BE (Hons.) FIEAust, CPEng APEC Engineer IntPE(Aust)

Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach & Mentor, Performance Consultant & Author

Fortunately, that DOESN’T have to be YOUR story

Using specialised techniques that I have developed and crafted over years, I have generally been able to help professionals like you quickly let go of their feelings of self-doubt and of being an imposter in four sessions or less, all from the comfort of their home or office, over Zoom. Sometimes it only takes one session!

And, because I had an extensive and successful career as an engineer and construction industry professional before transitioning to become a Master Executive Therapeutic Mindset Coach some years ago, I will probably have a good understanding of the environment in which you work and the stresses that you face on a daily basis. This will make our conversations even more meaningful and constructive.

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This is where I can make a big difference, helping you overcome these barriers and work through those issues so that you can function at a higher level and enjoy greater success.

In the demanding world of engineering, is self-doubt quietly undermining you?

While many people suffer from self-doubt from time to time, they can sometimes find it hard to shake off.

You've climbed the ranks, delivered outstanding projects, and earned the respect of your peers. But perhaps there's a hidden enemy lurking within - a relentless inner voice of self-doubt and the shadow of imposter syndrome.

The crushing weight of self-doubt

Self-doubt is not just a discomforting nagging thought; it can be a career-stopper. It can be that voice that says, "You're not good enough," every time you attempt something new or achieve something remarkable.

It can be that inner dialogue that has you second-guessing yourself, over and over.

It's not just about feeling uneasy; it's about missing out on opportunities, playing small, and watching your potential wither away.

The cost? Stunted career growth, lost income, and missed opportunities.

Imposter Syndrome: the success paradox

You're successful on the outside but plagued by a fear of being 'found out' on the inside. This isn't just a little worry; it's a massive roadblock. It means stress, burnout, and a constant battle with anxiety.

Think sleepless nights, strained relationships, and a lingering sense of never being enough.

And, of course, the current economic uncertainty makes it even more important than ever to be on top of your game.

Is SELF-DOUBT casting a shadow over your career and your life?

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With my specialised approach, I usually help people quickly shake off these inner struggles or other issues, often in just a few Zoom sessions, from the comfort of their home or office.

In fact, many clients have been able to overcome issues that have held them for many years in only ONE session!

What are some of the signs that self-doubt or feeling like an imposter are troubling you?

  • Persistent fear of being exposed: You might constantly worry that others will discover you're not as knowledgeable or competent as they think. This fear can haunt you, despite your successful track record and qualifications.
  • Over-preparing and over-working: To compensate for perceived inadequacies, you might find yourself over-preparing for tasks or working much longer hours than necessary, often leading to burnout.
  • Reluctance to speak up: During meetings, you might hesitate to voice your opinions or ideas, fearing they're not good enough or that you'll be judged harshly.
  • Difficulty accepting praise: When complimented on your achievements, do you attribute them to external factors like luck or timing, rather than your own effort and ability?
  • Setting extremely high standards: Setting unreasonably high personal standards and feeling disappointed when you don't meet them can be a sign of imposter syndrome.
  • Avoiding new challenges: The fear of failure might lead you to shy away from new or challenging projects, limiting your professional growth.
  • Feeling like a fraud: Despite evidence of your capabilities, you might feel like you’ve fooled everyone into believing in your competence.
  • Chronic self-doubt: Regularly questioning your worth, skills, and achievements can be a clear indicator of deep-seated self-doubt.

The long-term fallout: don’t let this be your story

Ignoring this must not be an option, even if the problem seems relatively minor at present. The longer you wait, the greater the cost:

  • Career dead-end: Avoiding risks, shying away from promotions, leaving your potential untapped.
  • Personal life in turmoil: Anxiety doesn't clock out. It invades your home, strains your relationships, and steals your peace of mind.
  • Health on the line: Chronic stress leads to burnout, depression, and a host of physical health issues.

Wake-up call: the hard truth

Think forward 5 years from now. Imagine the cost to you in terms of your health, your wealth, your relationships. Then how much worse will all this be in 10 years or even longer.

You arrived at this page for a reason: you were aware that you have a problem and are looking for solutions to it. So, don’t put it off any longer, don’t let your self-doubt prevent you from solving this problem – make the most of this wonderful opportunity to let it go, once-and-for-all.

This opportunity is special...

... because of the unique combination of skills, expertise and experience I am able to call on to specifically help professional engineers overcome issues like these.

So, what do others have to say about my coaching?

Here are just a few of the testimonials that I have received

The very simple next step is to book a friendly FREE and OBLIGATION-FREE confidential 45-minute Strategy Call with me over Zoom to discuss your issues and the best next steps that you can take to resolve them, once-and-for-all.

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The testimonials on this website are from real and satisfied clients. However, their results might not be your results. Specific results can not be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person.

Why it can be so hard to solve your unconscious mind problem

You’ve possibly struggled with these issues for weeks, months or maybe YEARS! If that is so, you have probably done everything that you can think of to let them go, with only limited success.

And you might have concluded that it is simply something that you just have to live with.

If this is the case for you, you could be comforted to discover that it is not your fault that part of you seems to be making life harder for you than necessary and that it’s NOT a matter of lacking the willpower to overcome it.

That is because the underlying cause of these issues could well lie in your unconscious or deeper mind. And this is out of reach of your conscious mind because, well..., it is unconscious!

These sorts of intractable problems can best be dealt with by working with an experienced mindset coach, because, to paraphrase Albert Einstein “It takes a different level of thinking to solve a problem than that which created or perceived it in the first place.”

Trying to reach your unconscious mind is like trying to see the back of your head – you need a mirror to do that, and in the coaching environment, your mindset coach acts as your mirror.